Project365 photos for February 2011

What an interesting month this has been. First off, it has been the coldest month that I ever recall in my short life. At least it was dry, most of the time. I got to go on a couple of trips up to Yosemite, and was able to experience show for the first time. I also went the the dog friendly beach with my friends, Lauren and Heidi a couple of times. All in all, this month was not too ruff.

Exploring Oakhurst

Last night, baddog decided that it was time for us to take another little road trip. I guess he can not get enough of Yosemite National Park. That was okay with me, because that park is much nicer than the one down the street from us. My photo of the day for the 54th day of Project365 was taken while on my morning walk in Oakhurst, CA.

day054 of Project365

Lots To Explore

Mariposa Creek

While it was a little cool in the mornings, I really enjoyed my morning walks in Mariposa. The creek was cold and the water level and speed changed daily. There were also lots of neat birds that I never see at my house. My picture of the day for day 44 of Project365 is of me sitting on a bridge that crosses Mariposa Creek.

day044 Project365

Mariposa Creek