I could not believe how many dogs were at the park this morning. As soon as we got there a big, black lab started copping an attitude. Not really sure his problem. There were several other dogs that were off-leash, which is unusual. Maybe I am starting a trend. My photo of the day for day 78 of Project365 is of me checking out two poodles that were enjoying their side of the park.

day078 Project365

I Spy With My Eye

Good morning

It has been so nice lately. I hope it stays this way so I can get a real bath. Using baby powder only works for so long before even I do not want to be near me. But it does not make sense for me to get groomed if I am going to be tromping in water and mud twice a day. My picture of the day for the 65th day of Project365.

day065 of Project365

Looks Like a Fun Day

The Nest

There are at least three parks within walking distance of my home. The closest is very small, so I outgrew it quickly. Columbia is where we usually go, because there are many routes to take and lots of room to run around in. Today, we went to El Nido Park, which means “The Nest.” I suspect with all the trees there that there are many nests. Day 57 of Project365 is a photo of me exploring the vastness of The Nest.

Project365 day057

Exploring El Nido