Photos from some of my favorite places

As you know by know, I am a traveling dog. There are few things that get me as excited as when I see that car door open and I see the rear seats have been covered with my favorite blanket. That can only mean one thing, road trip!

I have traveled over 10,000 miles by car and have seen some amazing places. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite photos. You can view the photos individually, or you can watch a slideshow. There is even an option to see my photos in full screen. Then you can really appreciate how neat these places are.


Chick, wolf and bear magnet

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a handsome animal. To be honest, I kind of like the attention. One of my earliest memories is of baddog telling Geek Good Girl that I was a chick magnet. I will admit that I did not have any idea what that meant, but I came to learn that I would be used to attract young women. It could be worse, right? Yes! Not only am I being used to attract girls, but I am being used to attract bears and wolves. I did not sign up for this!

Back in May, we were driving through South Dakota and came to a place called Bear Country. It sounded innocent enough, but we did not have bears in the portion of Indiana I come from, so I really did not know what was in store for me. When we first entered the grounds I was entertained with elk and other deerlike creatures. I had seen plenty of them on our trip, so I just put my head out the window and enjoyed the view and aromas of the area. Then it happened, we came across a pack of arctic wolves.

photo of arctic wolf

A Potential Friend?

At first I thought this guy wanted to be my friend. As he approached it became clear that he wanted to invite me to lunch. What was not very clear was if I was to be a guest or the main course. We moved along.

photo of bear

Do Not Rush Off

As we proceeded, we came across a section that had some of the biggest dogs I had ever seen. I later learned that these were the bears I had heard about. I guess they do not see a lot of domestic dogs as I seemed to pique a lot of interest from the residents. In fact, this guy hung out at the gate for a while, so we would stay a little longer than we wanted. At this point, it was decided that we should roll the windows of the car up. Read More »

I am a traveling dog.

Yes, I am a traveling dog, but I suppose “The Adventures of Buddy, The Road Dog” may have tipped you off to that fact. For the younger viewers that have not learned to read yet, I had the header on my blog designed to show some of the cool places I have been. I have been lucky enough to see some of the coolest places in the United States.

Baddog, my pack leader, contacted Deej over at and told him that he wanted to reflect the fact that I am well traveled, and that I really enjoy being on the road. Baddog sent over several photos from a 20 state road trip we did in April and May of 2010 and Deej began providing prospective designs. It did not take long before we had the design you see here. So, where were these pictures taken? I will take them, left to right.

Buddy at the Badlands

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

This first photo was taken at Badlands National Park in South Dakota. This place was really neat. You could see forever. My main complaint was that there were very few trees, and I do like myself some trees. I mean, what kind of park does not have trees? We spent three days in South Dakota, so we found plenty of trees in other parts of the state. You can see more of our pictures from the Badlands on

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