Project365 photos for February 2011

What an interesting month this has been. First off, it has been the coldest month that I ever recall in my short life. At least it was dry, most of the time. I got to go on a couple of trips up to Yosemite, and was able to experience show for the first time. I also went the the dog friendly beach with my friends, Lauren and Heidi a couple of times. All in all, this month was not too ruff.

It is cold up here

I do not think I would have liked living in Indiana very much. At least not in the winters. It was pretty cold here this morning, but it was still 60 or 70 degrees warmer than there. My picture of the day for day 43 of Project365 is of me walking along a creek in Mariposa, CA

day043 Project365

Cold Mariposa Morning

Ready to roll

I had a different photo planned for my picture of the day, but then plans changed. We decided to go for a ride. I am not really sure where it is we are going, and I really do not care. As long as I get to come, I ask no questions. My picture for day 42 of Project365 is of me patiently waiting for baddog to get his act together.

day042 Project365

Let's Roll