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A few months ago, I entered into a relationship with several ticks. I did not particularly want to enter this relationship, but as baddog always says, “every cloud has a silver lining.” You might ask yourself what kind of silver lining ticks may provide, but these ticks potentially saved my life. Allow me to explain.

We were in Lake Tahoe when the ticks were discovered and we made an immediate visit to Alpine Animal Hospital to have them removed. While we were there the veterinarian informed us that collie breeds were susceptible to negative reactions from some medicines. This became an issue because everyone had been presuming that I was a border collie mix, with the border collie being the dominant gene. I mean, breeders, groomers and vets all said I was a border collie, and I kind of look like one, so we went with it. There was one breeder that insisted I was a pure bred, but we knew better. After all, mom looks nothing like any kind of collie.

Picture of my mom


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Buddy, the Early Weeks

My birthday is coming up. For a present, baddog got me this website. In it I will be your virtual pet and try to provide you with some tips to help keep your puppy happy and sociable. As a result, I will be telling you my life story. There were eight or nine of us in my litter. I am sorry to say that I have never met my father and I suspect that none of my siblings have met theirs either. My mother was a party girl, and there were about three fathers involved with my litter.

Below is one of our first family photos. I am pretty easy to spot.

My First Family Photo

Chow Time