Photos from my trip to Campbell, CA

To my delight, baddog and Geek Good Girl decided that they wanted to take a drive up to Campbell, CA to visit a doughnut shop. To be honest, I have no idea what a doughnut is because I have never had one, and even after we got there, I had to stay outside. I really did not care. The fact that I was going with them was a treat enough for me.

It took two tries for us to get to Campbell because we had to turn around and come home the first night. Even though it was midnight, you can see, I am ready to go for a ride.

Buddy, the Virtual Pet

Let's Roll

When baddog needs gas or coffee, I like to take the time out to get out of the car and stretch my legs. More often than not I will mark a tree or two while I am at it. This is a good time for a water break, too. This picture is me showing off to Geek Good Girl while baddog went to get coffee.

Buddy and Tanya photo

Geek Good Girl and Buddy

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