Another beautiful morning

I am so happy that summer has finally arrived. I hear baddog and Geek Good Girl talking about how it is below zero back where I was born, in Indiana, and all I know is that I doubt baddog would be taking me out for walks in that kind of weather.

My picture for day 39 of project365 was taken as I scoped out the lush green park in front of me. I sure am glad I moved here.

Project365 day039

Smiling For a Beautiful Day

Service Dogs

I think it would be kind of cool to be a police dog. Be able to carry a gun around and be given a car to drive. I am just not too sure where I would want them to pin the badge. My photo of the day for day 38 of Project365 is of me sniffing around to see what I can learn about the dog that drives this car. Someday, I hope to be a therapy dog if I can not be a police dog.

day038 Project365

The Ultimate Service Animal

A Long Walk

As I am sure I have mentioned, every morning we go on a nice walk. Most of the time, we go to one of the big parks around here. Every once in a while, we go on an even longer walk down to Starbucks. These are my heavy training days because I have to stay on the leash most of the time because we are on busy streets. This was one of those mornings. To be honest, I do not care if I am on or off my leash. As you can see by my smile, I am just happy to be out and about.

My Project365 picture for day 36 of 2011 is of me, waiting to begin the last quarter mile of our walk.

Project365 day036

Happy Dog