My last day in Mariposa

It is kind of gloomy today. Cold and overcast. We will go back to Yosemite, but because of the weather we will make this a short day in the park. Instead, we will see if we can find some sunshine and warmth south of here.

My photo of the day for day 45 of Project365 is of me along Mariposa Creek. Hopefully, later today I will have some photos up of my time at Yosemite National Park.

Project365 day045

Happy Valentine's Day

Mariposa Creek

While it was a little cool in the mornings, I really enjoyed my morning walks in Mariposa. The creek was cold and the water level and speed changed daily. There were also lots of neat birds that I never see at my house. My picture of the day for day 44 of Project365 is of me sitting on a bridge that crosses Mariposa Creek.

day044 Project365

Mariposa Creek

It is cold up here

I do not think I would have liked living in Indiana very much. At least not in the winters. It was pretty cold here this morning, but it was still 60 or 70 degrees warmer than there. My picture of the day for day 43 of Project365 is of me walking along a creek in Mariposa, CA

day043 Project365

Cold Mariposa Morning