Sometimes, I am a real punk

I am so sorry. I try to be a good dog, but every once in a while, I mess up. This morning was proof of that. I would like to apologize to Georgie. My actions were completely uncalled for, and I promise to do my best to never let it happen again. My photo for day 61 of Project365.

day061 Project365

Georgie is a Nice Dog

Photos of President’s Day at the Dog Beach

It was a really nice day, and since it is President’s Day, Lauren and Heidi’s mom had the day off. We decided to take advantage of this by all going to the dog friendly beach we found a few months ago. It appears more and more people are learning about it as there were more dogs there today than any other time I have been there. It was a lot of fun. I am a little tired tonight.

Buddy meets Buddy

I am back home again, which means my daily walks are not quite as scenic, but there is more opportunity to interact with new people. Many times these people will have dogs with them, so I get to interact with them too. My photo of the day for day 46 was taken while I introduced myself to a new puppy. It turns out his name is Buddy, also. Cool name.

day046 Project365

Buddy Meets Buddy