Photos of President’s Day at the Dog Beach

It was a really nice day, and since it is President’s Day, Lauren and Heidi’s mom had the day off. We decided to take advantage of this by all going to the dog friendly beach we found a few months ago. It appears more and more people are learning about it as there were more dogs there today than any other time I have been there. It was a lot of fun. I am a little tired tonight.

A four dog walk

Today was a special day around here. My two favorite Golden Retrievers, Lauren and Heidi, came over to spend the day with me. To say that the day went flawlessly might be overstating it a little, but we have been having a great time. Of course, they had to adjust to the rules around here, and there may have been some hurt feelings at one point or another, but there was nothing we could not work out over time.

My picture of the day for day 34 of Project365 was taken when the four of us decided to go on a walk together. Unfortunately, they have to stay on their leashes, so we may have gotten tangled up a couple of times, but everyone came home in a great mood.

Project365 day034

Four Dogs Walking

Week two of Project 365 2011

It is pretty obvious that if I try to play catch up by doing one post at a time, I will never get caught up. To avoid that issue, I will do all of week two of my photo a day project in one post. So here goes.

As you have probably figured out by now, I love my walks, and I particularly enjoy all the other dogs and other creatures I meet. My photo of the day for day 8 is of one of the many squirrels that like to tease me when we are walking in the park.

day008 photo of the day


Every walk is a training exercise for both of us. Since I am allowed to walk without a leash, I am constantly reminded to pay attention to where I am, and more importantly, where baddog is. My picture of the day for day 9 is of me looking for my sign to proceed.

day009 Project 365

Clear To the Right

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