Out of my control

I know, I have said it before, but without thumbs I am really limited as to what I can do with keeping Project365, or GotBuddy in general, updated. We are going to try something new. At least for now.

Day 83 was Thursday, and we went over to El Nido Park. This picture is of me with a very cool looking tree.

Project365 day083

Buddy at El Nido Park

Friday afternoon was sunny and warm. baddog got a new toy or something for his camera, so we went outside to play with it. My photo for Day 84 of Project365 is of me playing dead. I am thinking he will shoot something else now.

Project365 day084

Buddy Playing Dead

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A bounce in my step

There is no doubt, some mornings are definitely better than others. This morning was one of the good ones and there was nothing that was going to bring me down. My photo of the day for day 81 of Project365 was taken while I bounced through El Nido Park.

day081 of Project365

Buddy Bouncing

Ready for spring

Is it spring yet? I am so ready. This winter has been a pretty wet one, so I hope springs the sunshine with it. My photo of the day for day 77 of Project365 is of me enjoying the wide open space of El Nido Park. I love this place.

Project365 day077

Buddy Sprung