Project365 photos for February 2011

What an interesting month this has been. First off, it has been the coldest month that I ever recall in my short life. At least it was dry, most of the time. I got to go on a couple of trips up to Yosemite, and was able to experience show for the first time. I also went the the dog friendly beach with my friends, Lauren and Heidi a couple of times. All in all, this month was not too ruff.

Redondo Beach Dog Park

This morning as we began our morning walk, baddog got a telephone call from his daughter. She was in the neighborhood with her two female Golden Retrievers, Lauren and Heidi. They were wondering where the Redondo Beach Dog Park was, so baddog told her and it was decided that instead of a morning walk, we would go to the dog park!

We used to go to the dog park on a daily basis, but there were so many weird dogs there that we stopped going. That did not stifle my excitement though, I was going to meet some new girls and maybe play rough and tumble with a Rottweiler or German Shepherd if I could find one that wanted to play. Here are a few photos from my time there.

When we arrived, I noticed that Lauren and Heidi had already made friends with a pretty Husky.

Photo of Lauren and Heidi with friend

Lauren and Heidi

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