I was attacked this morning

We were on our morning walk. There is a house we go by all the time that has a shepherd/husky mix. He barks at me all the time when we walk by, but since he lives on the other side of the street we have never met. Today, he was outside with his owner. baddog asked the other owner if he dog was friendly, twice. He said yes and that we could come over.

The shepherd and I smelled faces then he jumped at me. I was pulled away and at some point the shepherd grabbed my tail and would not let go! I was bleeding so baddog took me to the vet. It turned out that I had a long laceration that they had to staple up and he fractured my tail. Tomorrow I have to go get a few inches amputated. I am not very happy now.

Here are a couple of photos of my injury.

Staples holding my tail together

Buddys tail stapled together

Buddys Broken Tail

Not a fun day

Grim day for Buddy

I have had better days.

Out of my control

I know, I have said it before, but without thumbs I am really limited as to what I can do with keeping Project365, or GotBuddy in general, updated. We are going to try something new. At least for now.

Day 83 was Thursday, and we went over to El Nido Park. This picture is of me with a very cool looking tree.

Project365 day083

Buddy at El Nido Park

Friday afternoon was sunny and warm. baddog got a new toy or something for his camera, so we went outside to play with it. My photo for Day 84 of Project365 is of me playing dead. I am thinking he will shoot something else now.

Project365 day084

Buddy Playing Dead

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Ready when you are

Wow! What a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and it is actually warm at 9:00 AM. It has been quite a while since I have experienced this. Could this mean that it is going to start being nice around here again? I sure hope so. My photo of the day for day 82 of Project365 and I am ready to go on my morning walk.

day082 of Project365

Ready To Walk