Merry Christmas Video

The other day, baddog decided to do a demonstration on how to wrap a dog for Christmas. He had a nice camera set up to get a high quality video and my friend Gypsy sent her owner over to capture it with her cell phone camera. I hope you enjoy my video and learn a lot from it.

Just a note, you can give me as a virtual pet for Christmas. I am perfect for that hard to shop for person. Send me a note either here, on Facebook or Twitter and I will give you a certificate to give the recipient. It is free! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Wrapped Up For Christmas

The other day, baddog showed me a YouTube video of a cat getting wrapped up for Christmas. The cat looked as though he was used to being wrapped up and he seemed to actually enjoy it. I grabbed baddog’s paw and pulled him over to the cupboard that holds the wrapping paper. He understood immediately that I wanted to be a star. Today, we got our wrap on. Here are a few still photos of the event. My own YouTube video will be up later.

The wrapping begins.

Buddy Christmas Wrap 1

Getting Started

One paw at a time.

Buddy Christmas Wrap 2

For leaner Legs

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