I was attacked this morning

We were on our morning walk. There is a house we go by all the time that has a shepherd/husky mix. He barks at me all the time when we walk by, but since he lives on the other side of the street we have never met. Today, he was outside with his owner. baddog asked the other owner if he dog was friendly, twice. He said yes and that we could come over.

The shepherd and I smelled faces then he jumped at me. I was pulled away and at some point the shepherd grabbed my tail and would not let go! I was bleeding so baddog took me to the vet. It turned out that I had a long laceration that they had to staple up and he fractured my tail. Tomorrow I have to go get a few inches amputated. I am not very happy now.

Here are a couple of photos of my injury.

Staples holding my tail together

Buddys tail stapled together

Buddys Broken Tail

Not a fun day

Grim day for Buddy

I have had better days.

Week two of Project 365 2011

It is pretty obvious that if I try to play catch up by doing one post at a time, I will never get caught up. To avoid that issue, I will do all of week two of my photo a day project in one post. So here goes.

As you have probably figured out by now, I love my walks, and I particularly enjoy all the other dogs and other creatures I meet. My photo of the day for day 8 is of one of the many squirrels that like to tease me when we are walking in the park.

day008 photo of the day


Every walk is a training exercise for both of us. Since I am allowed to walk without a leash, I am constantly reminded to pay attention to where I am, and more importantly, where baddog is. My picture of the day for day 9 is of me looking for my sign to proceed.

day009 Project 365

Clear To the Right

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Photos from some of my favorite places

As you know by know, I am a traveling dog. There are few things that get me as excited as when I see that car door open and I see the rear seats have been covered with my favorite blanket. That can only mean one thing, road trip!

I have traveled over 10,000 miles by car and have seen some amazing places. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite photos. You can view the photos individually, or you can watch a slideshow. There is even an option to see my photos in full screen. Then you can really appreciate how neat these places are.