What a difference a year makes

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminiscing on my Facebook page about the first day of Spring in 2010. baddog and I participated in a collaborative art project for CNN’s iReport. It consisted of making a video of our first walk of spring. Today, we would have needed a lot of plastic to protect the camera. It was really wet out. Since it was so nasty out, we did not really have time for me to pose for a picture so my picture of the day for day 79 of Project365 was taken while we played around inside.

day079 of Project365

The Better To Eat You With

I can not be blamed

I have said it before and I will say it again, it is not my fault! I let baddog take photos of me, that is pretty much where my responsibility ends. If someone would teach me to use WordPress I would take a more paws on approach to this Project365 thing. I can not blame him though. Geek Good Girl came back to stay with me for a while, so he has been distracted. Here is the past week.

Tanya is coming today, so I am going to go to the groomers. My photo of the day for the 8th of March is on my morning walk.

Project365 day067

Going To Be A Good Day

Tanya likes it when baddog barbecues, so when she visits, I reap the benefits. Tonight we had a nice porterhouse. My picture of the day for day 68 of Project365 is of me politely requesting some alone time with a nice steak bone. It was granted.

day068 Project365

baddog and Buddy

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Project365 photos for February 2011

What an interesting month this has been. First off, it has been the coldest month that I ever recall in my short life. At least it was dry, most of the time. I got to go on a couple of trips up to Yosemite, and was able to experience show for the first time. I also went the the dog friendly beach with my friends, Lauren and Heidi a couple of times. All in all, this month was not too ruff.