Happy St Patrick’s Day

I am not sure if St. Patrick had a dog or not, but I suspect he may have. Anyone that takes on the task of chasing snakes out of their country sounds more like a dog person than a cat person. I picture him with an Irish Setter. My picture of the day on St. Patrick’s Day of Project365.

day076 Project365

St Patrick's Day


Not a muzzle

If there is one thing that I do not like, it is when people freak out around me. Yes, I may want to sniff your butt, but that is no reason to go running out into traffic. You could get killed that way. While I do not know you, it would still be a drag. My picture of the day for day 75 of Project365 is of me wearing my Gentle Leader. It is not a muzzle.

day075 Project365

My Gentle Leader



I can not believe how fast some squirrels can be. I am a lot faster than my mother and she could catch them with relative ease. There must be more to it than just speed. Of course, back in Indiana the squirrels did not have as many trees to escape to either. My photo of the day for day 74 of Project365 is of me at the end of the chase with a really fast squirrel.

day074 project365

I'll Be Back