What a difference a year makes

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminiscing on my Facebook page about the first day of Spring in 2010. baddog and I participated in a collaborative art project for CNN’s iReport. It consisted of making a video of our first walk of spring. Today, we would have needed a lot of plastic to protect the camera. It was really wet out. Since it was so nasty out, we did not really have time for me to pose for a picture so my picture of the day for day 79 of Project365 was taken while we played around inside.

day079 of Project365

The Better To Eat You With



I could not believe how many dogs were at the park this morning. As soon as we got there a big, black lab started copping an attitude. Not really sure his problem. There were several other dogs that were off-leash, which is unusual. Maybe I am starting a trend. My photo of the day for day 78 of Project365 is of me checking out two poodles that were enjoying their side of the park.

day078 Project365

I Spy With My Eye


Ready for spring

Is it spring yet? I am so ready. This winter has been a pretty wet one, so I hope springs the sunshine with it. My photo of the day for day 77 of Project365 is of me enjoying the wide open space of El Nido Park. I love this place.

Project365 day077

Buddy Sprung