I hate when he does that

I was not given a lot of choice in the matter when it was decided that I would participate in this Project 365. Admittedly, when we first became roommates I was not a fan of cameras, but as time progressed I began to accept that this was something that would be a part of my life. When I was told that there was going to be a picture taken of me every day, I thought, “so what else is new?”

What I hate is when I am all ready to go for a walk and he decides that this is a good photo op. My picture of the day for January 3 is of me patiently waiting to go for my morning walk.

day 3 photo of the day

Patience Is a Virtue


A true fan

I guess I never realized how popular I am. Today, I had a fan stop by the house. She flew all the way from Montreal, then drove two hours each way, just so she could meet me and have her photo taken with me. That is devotion!

My photo of the day for January 2 is of Cin, Pearla and me. Thank you for coming by and it was a pleasure meeting you.

Project365 day002

They Like Me!


Am I the first dog to do this?

I have been forced into posing for baddog’s photo of the day project, also known as Project 365, so I decided if you can not beat them join them. As I am relying on baddog to take the photos, upload them, then post them here I can not promise that they will be on time, but I will do my best to make sure were get 365 photos by the time the year ends. The question is, are there any other dogs doing this?

My picture of the day for day one is of me getting ready for my morning walk.

Project 3655 - day001

Let's Walk