Ready when you are

Wow! What a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and it is actually warm at 9:00 AM. It has been quite a while since I have experienced this. Could this mean that it is going to start being nice around here again? I sure hope so. My photo of the day for day 82 of Project365 and I am ready to go on my morning walk.

day082 of Project365

Ready To Walk


A bounce in my step

There is no doubt, some mornings are definitely better than others. This morning was one of the good ones and there was nothing that was going to bring me down. My photo of the day for day 81 of Project365 was taken while I bounced through El Nido Park.

day081 of Project365

Buddy Bouncing


At least it is not raining

I have to tell you, it is getting difficult to sit and be a good dog. Everywhere I look there are puddles, mud and wet pavement. I am pretty sure you would not want to sit your butt down on that stuff, so I am not sure why I would. My picture of the day for day 80 of Project365 is of me looking for a drier spot to sit.

Project365 day080

Looking for a Dry Spot