Hide and Go Seek

I do not like to use a leash. I will, but I do not particularly care for it. As I add more photos, you will notice that I get to explore cool places, and most of the time I do not have a leash on. One might wonder why it is that I do not get lost or in trouble doing this, and there are a couple of reasons.

First off, I know who feeds me. As long as I keep getting my food on a regular basis, I am going to stick around. The other factor is that baddog has spent a lot of time walking me without a leash. We even play hide and go seek together. Since I can not put my paws over my eyes, you might wonder how we do that, so I will explain.

We go for a walk two times every day. When we are somewhere safe, the leash comes off and I get to run around a little. I love it. Sometimes, in my excitement I might lose track of where I am or stop paying attention to where baddog is. This is when we play hide and go seek. If baddog notices that I am not paying close enough attention, he will hide behind a tree, or the corner of a building. It does not take long for me to notice that he is not right behind me. That is when the game is on.

I put my nose to the ground and I start backtracking. It may take a minute or two, but I can always track him down. I will admit, when baddog hides well enough for it to take more than one minute to find him, I do get anxious. But it only makes me look harder for him. When I find him I tag him with a paw and the game is over. What this has done is caused me to remember to look up and over my shoulder to make sure I know where he is.

We started playing this game a few months before we went on our first road trip, and it worked great. Sometimes, when we are on our nighttime walk, I will run ahead and hide behind a bush, then surprise him when he catches up to me. It is great fun and good training for both of us.

Buddy hunting baddog

On the Hunt

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