Getting rid of that wet dog smell

I have it pretty good. If baddog is home, I know I am going to get my two walks every day, whether there is rain, sleet or snow. Now, the odds of us encountering sleet or snow are slim, I will give you that; but lately, there has been more rain than what I know what to do with. It seems that every time we go out, it is raining and there are fewer places for me to walk. Needless to say, by the time we get home I am thoroughly soaked . . . and I am beginning to smell like a dog.


Fording a New River

Since this house is mostly tile and hardwood floors, my wet paws are the first issue to be dealt with. I have a bath mat at the two doors I use. We use a bath mat because it soaks up water better than an old towel or blanket. I was taught to wipe my feet, but it only gets the heavy water off. For days like today, baddog will wipe each foot with a towel, then towel me down. This helps dry me off, but it is just to prepare me for the final step. Baby powder.

I mentioned baby powder before in an earlier post about travel. I should have mentioned, this stuff is great around the home as well. Sometimes I might need to go to the groomer, but things happen and I have to go an extra day or two. Sprinkle some baby powder along the length of my back and rub it in. Heck, you can give it to me even if I do not need it. It soaks up oils, makes me smell good and I love it when he rubs it on my butt!

Try it yourself. Your dog will enjoy it as much as you will.

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  1. [...] your car in a snowy area and all the wet dirt gathers along the door panels. It is nothing a little baby powder can not take care of. Today, when I was running I happened to hit a puddle the size of an Olympic [...]

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