Thank you Redwood Animal Clinic

This morning I had to go in for surgery. It was my doctor’s day off, but she cares a lot about her patients so Dr. Rea came in on her day off to take care of me. Since I was going to be neutered next month anyway, we decided that there was no sense in putting me under twice and took care of that as well. I also got a microchip installed so I guess I will be able to run faster after I heal. At least that is what I think it is for.

Here are a couple of photos of me from after the operation.

Buddy ready to face the world

Buddy ready to face the world

My custom bandage

My custom bandage

My ProCollar

My ProCollar

We decided this first collar was a little large, so we are trying a smaller one. Hopefully it does the job. Thanks again to Dr Rea and the Redwood Animal Clinic, in Redondo Beach for everything.

I was attacked this morning

We were on our morning walk. There is a house we go by all the time that has a shepherd/husky mix. He barks at me all the time when we walk by, but since he lives on the other side of the street we have never met. Today, he was outside with his owner. baddog asked the other owner if he dog was friendly, twice. He said yes and that we could come over.

The shepherd and I smelled faces then he jumped at me. I was pulled away and at some point the shepherd grabbed my tail and would not let go! I was bleeding so baddog took me to the vet. It turned out that I had a long laceration that they had to staple up and he fractured my tail. Tomorrow I have to go get a few inches amputated. I am not very happy now.

Here are a couple of photos of my injury.

Staples holding my tail together

Buddys tail stapled together

Buddys Broken Tail

Not a fun day

Grim day for Buddy

I have had better days.

Photos of President’s Day at the Dog Beach

It was a really nice day, and since it is President’s Day, Lauren and Heidi’s mom had the day off. We decided to take advantage of this by all going to the dog friendly beach we found a few months ago. It appears more and more people are learning about it as there were more dogs there today than any other time I have been there. It was a lot of fun. I am a little tired tonight.