Monthly Archives: February 2011

Back at the nest

Since we always walk a different direction on every walk, I never really know for sure where we will end up. I love it when we go to El Nido park because there are so many really big trees there. I can pee on the same tree five times and never hit the same spot. My photo of the day for day 59 of Project365 is of me wandering around El Nido park.

day059 Project365

El Nido Park

A pretty morning

What a pretty morning it was. The skies were blue and the sun was shining. Considering the weather of the last few days, it was nice to not be cold. Because of the rain and cold weather, all of the local mountains were covered with snow. It looks so nice from a distance. In my photo of the day for Project365, you can see the mountains tops in the background.

day058 project365

Enjoying a Pretty Morning

The Nest

There are at least three parks within walking distance of my home. The closest is very small, so I outgrew it quickly. Columbia is where we usually go, because there are many routes to take and lots of room to run around in. Today, we went to El Nido Park, which means “The Nest.” I suspect with all the trees there that there are many nests. Day 57 of Project365 is a photo of me exploring the vastness of The Nest.

Project365 day057

Exploring El Nido