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Photos from some of my favorite places

As you know by know, I am a traveling dog. There are few things that get me as excited as when I see that car door open and I see the rear seats have been covered with my favorite blanket. That can only mean one thing, road trip!

I have traveled over 10,000 miles by car and have seen some amazing places. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite photos. You can view the photos individually, or you can watch a slideshow. There is even an option to see my photos in full screen. Then you can really appreciate how neat these places are.


Stop losing your dog tags

I know that I am a pretty active dog and I get a lot of freedom when it comes to gallivanting around, but there is no way that I can be the only dog that has experienced the problem of losing my dog license and identification tags. It is easy to lose them. The collar they are attached to might break; or even more likely, the cheaply made, thin wire rings that they provide with the tags get stretched and the tags start falling off. Since I have lost my dog tags twice in recent months, baddog decided it was time to take measures to ensure this does not happen again.

As was mentioned a few months ago, I got lost in Indiana one evening. Needless to say, I was reunited with baddog and the next day he went to a local pet store and had an additional identification tag made for me. This is all well and good, but if the tag does not stay on me, they do not do a lot of good. I think we have come up with the ideal solution.

Dog tag starter kit

Collars, Tags and Tie Wraps

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Getting rid of that wet dog smell

I have it pretty good. If baddog is home, I know I am going to get my two walks every day, whether there is rain, sleet or snow. Now, the odds of us encountering sleet or snow are slim, I will give you that; but lately, there has been more rain than what I know what to do with. It seems that every time we go out, it is raining and there are fewer places for me to walk. Needless to say, by the time we get home I am thoroughly soaked . . . and I am beginning to smell like a dog.


Fording a New River

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