Monthly Archives: November 2010

I have allergies

You may recall that last month I mentioned that I was now taking fish oil for my itchy skin, and that it seemed to be helping a lot. Well, unfortunately the relief did not last. We went on a car trip last week for a few days and my itching seemed to get worse. Yesterday, baddog was playing with me when he announced that we would be going to see my vet today.

Redwood Veterinary Clinic

Me and Dr. Kim

I like going to my vet because they are friendly and always tell me how handsome I am. No matter how bad you feel, that has to make you feel better. Anyway, they checked me out and said I was in good health, but I had some kind of an allergy. It is causing my to break out and I am getting these little bacteria modules on my skin. The problem is determining what it is I am allergic to. That will make the next part a little easier, and that is management of the allergies. Read More »