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Fish Oil Relieves Itchy Skin

At the end of July, baddog took me to a veterinarian because I was scratching myself like some flea bitten mongrel, which is not my style. Since my regular veterinarian was unavailable I had to see someone new. They checked me for fleas and found none (thank you K9 Advantix), so they gave me a shot of cortisone, suspecting that I had become allergic to summer, or something like that. People talk too fast for me sometimes.

Anyway, the shot did not really seem to help much and I spent a lot of time scratching myself. The other day baddog brought home some 1000 mg capsules of fish oil. I have only been taking it for three days and already I can tell a major difference. I have a feeling that every morning before my walk I will be getting dosed with fish oil. It does not seem to be as tasty as I hear sushi is, but it has made a difference with my skin, so I am okay with it.

Happy Buddy

Smiles All Around

A Bath and a New Bandana

I try not to complain too much. I have pretty simple needs. Feed me, walk me, pet me. Sometimes it is not about the needs as much as the wants. Like I want to look and smell good, so I never turn down a visit to Canine Castle. I always come home looking so good. Saturday, I got a double surprise.

While we were out on our morning walk, baddog called my groomer and as usual, they said I could come in after I finished my walk and had breakfast. The day was starting off great! When I got back from my bath I was given a gift that Tanya had sent home with baddog. A new bandana. Now, you may think it is silly to think that I might care about something like a bandana, but let me assure you, I love it. I feel dressy and extra handsome when I wear it. Besides, it is great advertising for my blog! bandana


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