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Hide and Go Seek

I do not like to use a leash. I will, but I do not particularly care for it. As I add more photos, you will notice that I get to explore cool places, and most of the time I do not have a leash on. One might wonder why it is that I do not get lost or in trouble doing this, and there are a couple of reasons.

First off, I know who feeds me. As long as I keep getting my food on a regular basis, I am going to stick around. The other factor is that baddog has spent a lot of time walking me without a leash. We even play hide and go seek together. Since I can not put my paws over my eyes, you might wonder how we do that, so I will explain.

We go for a walk two times every day. When we are somewhere safe, the leash comes off and I get to run around a little. I love it. Sometimes, in my excitement I might lose track of where I am or stop paying attention to where baddog is. This is when we play hide and go seek. If baddog notices that I am not paying close enough attention, he will hide behind a tree, or the corner of a building. It does not take long for me to notice that he is not right behind me. That is when the game is on.

I put my nose to the ground and I start backtracking. It may take a minute or two, but I can always track him down. I will admit, when baddog hides well enough for it to take more than one minute to find him, I do get anxious. But it only makes me look harder for him. When I find him I tag him with a paw and the game is over. What this has done is caused me to remember to look up and over my shoulder to make sure I know where he is.

We started playing this game a few months before we went on our first road trip, and it worked great. Sometimes, when we are on our nighttime walk, I will run ahead and hide behind a bush, then surprise him when he catches up to me. It is great fun and good training for both of us.

Buddy hunting baddog

On the Hunt

Photos from my trip to Campbell, CA

To my delight, baddog and Geek Good Girl decided that they wanted to take a drive up to Campbell, CA to visit a doughnut shop. To be honest, I have no idea what a doughnut is because I have never had one, and even after we got there, I had to stay outside. I really did not care. The fact that I was going with them was a treat enough for me.

It took two tries for us to get to Campbell because we had to turn around and come home the first night. Even though it was midnight, you can see, I am ready to go for a ride.

Buddy, the Virtual Pet

Let's Roll

When baddog needs gas or coffee, I like to take the time out to get out of the car and stretch my legs. More often than not I will mark a tree or two while I am at it. This is a good time for a water break, too. This picture is me showing off to Geek Good Girl while baddog went to get coffee.

Buddy and Tanya photo

Geek Good Girl and Buddy

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Some Travel Basics For Your Dog

I went to the groomer today. I like to take that as a good sign that we are going to go somewhere. Since we are doing a spur of the moment trip, this would be a good time to give you some basic tips on how to make a road trip with your dog an enjoyable experience.

Luckily, baddog had a feeling that we might go somewhere in the next few days, so he took me to the groomer. He thinks that sometimes I smell like a dog, like there is something wrong with that. Going to the groomer means the car will continue to smell like leather instead of border collie. If you do not have time to take your puppy to the groomer, stop by the store and pick up some baby powder. Rubbing that into my fur makes me smell fresh and even eliminates wet dog odors. We always keep some around if I am going to be swimming in rivers or lakes.

A Canine Castle Redondo Beach

My Groomer

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